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Your garden building is delivered as a simple self-assembly kit. All parts are pre-fabricated and can be assembled relatively simply and quickly. Only a few tools will be needed for the assembly – these tools are not part of the delivered package. We recommend that at least two people work together for the assembly.

Tools Required

Please bear in mind: check before the purchase of our product, whether building permission is required.

If you need help assembling your garden building you can access the general assembly instructions from here. You can also view our online video that shows the assembly.

Premium Windows


We supply high-quality windows together with our garden buildings. Windows are manufactured from spruce or pine wood and are with real glass. Windows from Premium quality class come with double glass (available in various thicknesses), aluminium water gutter and silicone gasket, tilt-and-turn system is also included. Windows quality code is marked in every product’s technical information.


We supply high-quality spruce or pine doors together with our garden buildings. Depending on the model of the garden house, doors are available with double glass. Doors are lockable and with a low threshold. Depending on the model, the threshold is covered with aluminium. Doors quality code is marked in every product’s technical information.

Premium Doors
Premium Construction


We offer a wide selection of garden buildings in excellent Nordic quality with wall thicknesses from 19 mm to 94 mm. The wall logs of our garden houses are made from windproof angle profiles with wind-tight chalet connection, making the corners of your garden house wind and rain resistant. Impregnated sub-construction protects the building against humidity and extends its durability. All the floor and roof boards, fillets, beadings and mouldings and hardware are part of the delivery contents.


All of our garden rooms have a two year warranty. The wooden wall elements have a special extended 5 year warranty (with the exception of the 19mm wall)

Please read our full warranty policy at the bottom of this page for more information.

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