What treatment do I need for my new garden office?

We recomended to protect the garden office no later than 3 weeks from installation to avoid wood aging.

Our recomended paint products are from these manufacturers:

For pre-treatment and recoating, please follow the paint manufacturer recommendations.

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Can I do the installation on my own?

It depends on your DIY skills.

The garden officves are designed in a way to be easy to assemble, you will need skills, tools, will and a helping hand as there are long wood beams that will require two people handling.

The garden office will be delivered witth a set of instructions.

If you are not sure you can always purchase our installation services.

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Will garden house affect value of my property and how can I benefit from it?

In answer to that we have asked this question to mortgage advisor and lender’s and the response comes down to a few factors:

Location of property helps as inside space in certain neighbourhoods is a big premium. Obviously parts of London and SE spring to mind. Other areas too where land price is high and if done in a quality way this should at the very least help saleability. 


The alternative is a single storey extension which yes, will help the value but costs a lot more. Quality garden houses provide additional space for offices, gyms, playrooms etc. so why wouldn’t buyers pay a premium for this IF the rest of the property is in good order.

What materials are used and what has been done inside the garden house to give buyer reason to pay more….


Also, are the grounds of the property enhanced / landscaped to promote quality outside space. 


When a surveyor goes round to a property all these factors add up and will be considered on their tick sheet. 


Remember surveyors normally have a range or parameters to work within when considering the value of a particular property on a particular road in a particular neighbourhood. The owner has to do what they can to make sure their house is at the higher end of this spectrum.

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What base is needed?

Preffered is single continuous concrete slab with 150mm thickness, secondary it can be from smaller concrete slabs with sufficient base preparation.

The base needs to fulfill these conditions:

  • Needs to be flat (no bumps/ holes)
  • Needs to be in level (any incline/decline) can cause the wood to defoirm with age
  • Needs to be stable and support the weight building
  • Needs to be errected at least 5cm above ground level to limit water


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Do you provide insulation?

Yes we provide insulation for Floor & Roof at additiona cost if the option is available in the product page.

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How is the Garden Office delivered?

The Garden offices will be delivered on a lorry with Hydraulic Hand.

The size of the pack is usually 4-6m long 1.2m wide and 1-1.5m tall.

It swill be dropped on driveway or closest available space to the property.

It is the responsibility of the Customer to check that the pack is not damaged, open it and check content.

If Vision is providing installation services, it is the responsibility of customer to transfer the material close to the final location and protect it from water/rain.

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Do I need planning permission?

All our garden offices have dimensions stated on our product info.

You can check this interactive quide on Planning Portal to see if you wopuld need planning permission. Other alrternative is to apply for Lawfull Development Certificate (LCD) which will either give you approval or advise if Plannin Application is required.

It is the responsibility of customer to ensure the erection of the building is lawfull and Vision Garden Rooms does not bear liability.


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