About Us

Vision Properties Group, Ltd. is a UK based company, with 2 manufacturing sites in Baltic countries that have over 20 years of wooden houses production experience, with a strong design and installation team of more than 25 contractors in the UK.

We help people to enhance their life-work balance via providing them with  eco natural outdoor buildings. Our eco garden rooms, houses, offices, gyms and saunas are environmentally friendly, manufactured from 100% renewable natural wood, grown in Nordic conditions, known for its quality and durability, they are made of responsibly sourced quality wood.

Our mission is to “help you to transform your vision into reality” by providing our customers with high quality eco natural outdoor buildings. Our vision is to add innovative value to future eco housing market by our environmentally friendly houses portfolio.

Quality of our buildings is based on properties of  nordic wood material, grown in cold weather conditions, gives the wood higher density, extra durability and resistance to weather decay which is extra suitable for outdoor use.

Our production premises have more than 20 years or experience and products range includes a variety of traditional and modern designs in standard 40/44/70mm wall thickness. Moreover, we can provide bespoke products with thickness up to 200mm and expert quality installation.

Larger eco residential homes, holiday homes, modular units and alternative eco commercial buildings are also part of our portfolio. We plan to expand this segment in  near future. We constantly add new designs and strive to add eco aspect to our outbuildings.

Company’s core market is England, Scotland and Wales, but we can also support other EU countries.

Vision Garden rooms are part of Vision Properties Group Ltd.

FSC Logo

Our wood is responsibly sourced throughout the whole supply chain with FSC certification of production sites.

Why are we different?

Expertise, quality, assistance, advice and personal approach from start to the final part of your eco-home journey.

Apart from our extensive range of products, we also offer bespoke individual designs and we can provide installation with any of our garden buildings.

Moreover, we assist you swiftly from beginning to the end of your journey. A relaxed space full of productivity and joy will be the solution.

We help you to transform your vision into reality, bringing joy to your garden and life!

Let's talk money

SituationWorking from home (home office)Working from office
Average annual commute cost£0£1000
Average annual commute time0h270h
(How much you value your time?)
Average Garden room cost£3500*£0
Annual Rent opportunity
(renting out over weekend opportunity)
(£50/night, 10nights/month)**
House Value Increase£5000-£15000**£0

*Condition that base is done and installation done by customer
**Estimated values depending on area, room selection and amenities installed

Garden Office/Home

Stress Levels20%
Eco & planet friendly, low carbon footprint
Relaxing, improved creativity and productivity
Having a Home Office not only improved Work/Life balance, but also improves your financial opportunities

Standard Office

Stress Levels80%
Not eco & planet friendly, high carbon footprint
Reduced productivity, strict environment, limited flexibility
Having a Garden Office helps you to get out of home even if you work from home.

What our customers say

Advise and delivery of infrared sauna was very smooth. Product came in top quality, I received detailed advise about use as well. Price, service and delivery was very reasonable. All purchase included detailed and prompt advise was very pleasant experience. I fully recommend this company for any sauna’s purchases and I’m planning to buy garden house soon. Thank you!

John Clayton

Purchase, delivery and installation was very smooth and pleasant experience. Advise and service of company owners was exceptional and I wouldn’ hesitate to buy another garden gym again. I’ve requested specific customization for golf use. I received prompt clear offer very fast, all process was very transparent and final quality from Nordic wood has been superb. Communication was very constructive, staff very professional in technical details and honest. I woudn’t hesitate to buy another garden room again. Great service, quality and price!

Jayne Keating

The sustainability aspect is what I like about eco-offices from Vision Garden Rooms. As an environmental enthusiast I value wood as a completely renewable source and knowing that this product is FSC certified makes me feel compliant with my beliefs. As well as the source, the quality of the product is exactly what I expected. My garden has a new purpose for me.

Shona M.

Our Garden Office is very high-quality. We use it as an additional space home office. Nevertheless, it’s a great “man cave” space. Vision Garden teams were supportive from start to finish. Their technical team was really helpful in navigating us to which option was suitable and how to make it in the most cost-effective and easy way to do so. I fully recommend this company.

Yordan R.

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